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Purpose-Built Modern Factory

The better in methods and machinery. Our 10000 ㎡ molding facility was painstakingly designed and built to optimize manufacturing workflows built upon the better lean manufacturing principles.

Facts and Figures

  • 10000m²

    Factory Hall

  • 10+years

    Experience of Molding

  • 5+

    Technicians and Engineers

Production and Process Advantages

In order to fully meet the storage and turnover needs of various usage scenarios, Wanma Plastics focuses on developing products.We solve problems for customers at the design source, and keep improving and constantly improve the standards in our equipment, process, quality control and other steps.

  • Process characteristics

    Roll plastic double-layer integrated forming;

    High pressure hollow foaming.

  • Material advantages

    Imported food grade linear low density polyethylene LLDPE;

    High density polyurethane pur.

Our Working Environment

Our Teamwork