Insulated Plastic Container
Professional Manufacturer

Since 2008 , Wanma enter this field,
with 14 years experience for Rotomold insulated plastic container.

With the rapid development of cold chain industry, food safety and supply of fresh agricultural products have gradually become the focus in people’s life. Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd. fully involved in the field of food insulated plastic container research and development and production in 2008. Since Wanma entered the field in 2008, we have obvious first-mover advantages.

Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co., Ltd.

  • 2008


  • 10,000m2

    Factory area

  • 50+


  • 30000set

    Annual capacity

Product Series

New Product

Our seafood containers and accessories for fish industry
  • X-120L Insulated Fish Bin Ice Cooler Box


  • X-68L Ice Cooler Box To Keep Food Cold And Fresh


  • F-660L Plastic Stackable Food Bins Workshop And Warehouse Use Cold-chain Containers


  • F-660L Insulated Fish Containers Seafood Industrial Use Plastic Containers


  • X-68L Small Boat And Dock Use Ice Box


  • X-120L Small boat and dock use ice box


  • AF-800L Live Seafood Transportation Tanks


  • AF-1000L Long Distance Live Fish & Seafood Transportation Containers


  • AF-1700L Insulated Bulk Container For Cold-chain Transportation And Production



  • Cold Storage

  • Fresh Processing

  • Pelagic Fishing

  • Transportation

  • Workshop Production

Our Product Features

R&D Innovation

Long-term extensive cooperation with Zhejiang Ocean University and other research institutions to develop and design practical, durable and environmentally friendly cold chain containers.

Quality First

Based on the EU CE and US FDA standards, combined with the actual market conditions, continuous verification, pursuit of details, and polishing products that satisfy customers.

The Better Research Solution Service

Customized Solutions

It is our goal to fully communicate with customers, choose the better solution, and maximize the long-term benefits of customers.

Brand Internationalization

Deploy overseas markets, provide a variety of choices, and make the world fall in love with Made in China.

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