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What Technology Is Good For Seafood Insulation Storage Containers?

The surface of the rotomolded product has a good "replication" effect on the fine structure of the mold cavity surface, so the roto molding method can make the product quite exquisite and beautiful, so it is often used to produce products with great ornamental value, especially toys such as small Horses, dolls, toy sandboxes, fashion model models, handicraft roto molding molds, etc.

All kinds of large or non-standard roto-molding products Rotomolding products are widely used in various boxes, shells, large pipes, and other parts, such as shelves, machine shells, protective covers, lampshades, agricultural sprayers, furniture, etc., canoes, camping vehicle canopies, playground equipment, planters, bathrooms, toilets, telephone booths, advertising display boards, chairs, road separation piers, traffic cones, river and sea buoys, anti-collision cylinders and construction barriers, etc.

In most plastic molding processes, plastics and molds are under relatively high pressure (pressure) during the molding process, such as injection molding, compression molding, and extrusion. Blow molding, etc. Therefore, when using these molding processes to produce large plastic parts, not only must use a mold that can withstand a lot of pressure, making the mold heavy and complicated but also the plastic molding equipment must be designed and manufactured very firmly. The difficulty of processing and manufacturing increases correspondingly, and the cost increases. The new fresh cold chain incubator products are made of polyurethane and extruded foam insulation materials, which are safer and more reliable.

What is the best process for refrigerators and seafood insulation storage containers? Injection molding or rotational molding?

1. Injection molding Because there is an injection molding port, there will be a small unnecessary part of the formed product, and there will be a process to cut it off, but it can still be found if you observe carefully; the injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes Clamping---Filling-Pressure holding-Cooling-Demoulding and other 5 stages.

2. The biggest feature of rotational molding products is that they have no seams and no injection ports. Low cost of roto molding molds - For products of the same size, the cost of rotomolding molds is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molds, suitable for forming large plastic products;
(1) Good edge strength of roto molding products - roto molding can achieve a product edge thickness of more than 5 mm, which completely solves the problem of thinner edges of hollow products;
(2) Rotational molding can place various inserts;
(3) The shape of rotational molding products can be very complex, and the thickness can exceed 5 mm;
(4) Rotational molding can produce fully enclosed products; rotational molding products can be filled with foaming materials to achieve heat preservation; both are Plastic molding methods, but containers, incubators, and coolers are better for rotational molding. Sealing is the primary consideration when choosing an incubator.

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