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What Kind Of Insulated Seafood Containers Are More Popular?

There are so many types of refrigerated incubators on the market. In the use of the cold chain, what kind of insulated seafood containers are more popular? Come and talk to you today.

1. beauty from appearance is one of the indicators. What is beautiful? The shape looks comfortable and the colors match well. When people buy something, the first thing they see is the appearance, it looks comfortable. Color matching is exquisite. Don't say that the color doesn't matter, except for the one-time use incubator, the turnover incubator is still very particular about the color.

In particular, there are several types of plastic incubators on the market: white, blue, orange and gray, as well as red, and then several color-matching colors. Other colors are not absent, but the above ones occupy most of the mainstream colors. So too fancy colors are not necessarily very personal unless the user specifically requests them.

2. In terms of performance. Isn't the warmer the more popular it is? This is not necessarily the. This has a lot to do with the needs of users, and it has a lot to do with cost. If a customer's request is to keep the box at 2~8 ℃ for 30 hours, you recommend an incubator that can be kept for 72 hours. In the case of the same material, the cost of 72 hours will be higher than that of 30 hours. At this time, from the customer's point of view, an incubator with a 30-hour thermal insulation capacity will be selected. Because it can meet the requirements, the cost is lower. So in terms of performance, the right one is the best.

3. From the aspect of handling, it is easy to use, easy to clean, flexible,  and not cumbersome, which is the aspect that users will choose. The refrigerated incubator is a kind of cold chain equipment. The frequency of use is quite high. The labor cost and the use cost must be taken into account. If the incubator can achieve the above characteristics, it will make more people consider it.

4. Energy saving, low carbon, and environmental protection. These indicators are the essence of refrigerated incubators. In the national "14th Five-Year Plan" concerning the cold chain, it is specially mentioned that the cold chain equipment should go in these three directions. What is energy saving and low carbon? For example, fuel refrigerated vehicles have more emissions; compared to electric refrigerated vehicles, electric refrigerated vehicles are low-carbon and have zero emissions. And refrigerated incubators, passive ones are low-carbon and energy-saving. What is environmental protection? It is non-polluting substance, no toxic substances. There are many varieties of refrigerated incubators, including plastic, foam, and fabric. In the selection of materials, it is necessary to choose materials that can pass environmental protection verification.

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