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What Do I Need To Prepare For Shipping In Live Fish Transportation Containers?

The necessary equipment and equipment for transporting live seafood and aquatic products

1. Transport container

The required live fish transportation containers can be made of materials such as wood, fiberglass, plastic, etc., and its shape varies with the method of transportation, the type of transportation, and the situation in each region. For example, the equipment for transporting freshwater fry and fingerlings includes fish crates, canvas buckets, wooden barrels, pick baskets, large bamboo baskets, balcony, plastic buckets, and plastic bags. If it is transported in large quantities and wants to obtain a higher survival rate, it can be transported by running water boats.

2. Oxygen supply equipment

(1) Compressed oxygen cylinders are used for transportation in small quantities. A pressure regulating valve is installed at the mouth of the oxygen bottle to control the flow, a plastic tube is used to pass it into the bottom of the container, and an air stone is installed at the end to make the number of bubbles more and smaller, increase the area of dissolved oxygen in the water, and achieve the purpose of increasing oxygen.

(2) The aerator generally uses the water jet aerator of the inflatable aerator and also has the steel comb type and jet flow aerator, which has three functions oxygenation, water stirring, and aeration. Pay attention to safety when installing the aerator, and set up a safety isolation net around the aerator.

(3) The oxygenator is provided with a plastic tube connected to the oxygenator at the bottom of the transported water tank, and through the plastic tube, air bubbles are discharged in the storage water body, so that the water body flows to generate gas exchange to increase dissolved oxygen. At present, the TFDW type 1000W single-phase brushless AC synchronous generator set is used as a power supply on board or automobile, and the 93W or 120W electromagnetic air compressor is used as gas oxygenation.

3. Other main auxiliary supplies include pressure gauges, large funnels, wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, foam boxes, rubber tubes, cotton yarns, rubber rings, etc.

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