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What Are The Characteristics Of Acrylic Fish Tanks?

Many people like to customize fish tanks. How do we choose fish tanks made of various materials? Some people like to use a fish tank made of glass because it is a transparent material and looks more atmospheric, but glass is fragile and may be broken if you are not careful. Now there is a fish tank made of acrylic material on the market, so What are the characteristics of the acrylic fish tank?

1. Good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which is better than other materials.
2. Excellent insulation performance.
3. The light transmittance of the acrylic fish tank can reach more than 92%. When customizing, you can choose the one with lower light intensity. While saving power, you can clearly see all the states of the fish.
4. Strong impact resistance, more resistant to falling than glass.
5. The acrylic fish tank has a long lifespan. Compared with other materials, the lifespan is three years longer. In order to avoid frequent replacement of fish tanks, it is better to choose better materials for longer use.
6. The fish tank made of acrylic material is light in weight, so the load on the building and the support are small.
7. The acrylic fish tank has strong plasticity and can be processed into various shapes.
8. It is easy to maintain, and it does not require expensive solvents for cleaning. Just use a soft cloth to scrub after cleaning.

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