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Several Precautions For Refrigerated Food In Insulated Storage Containers

Ningbo Wanma Plastics is a professional manufacturer of thermal insulated seafood containers. It has accumulated rich experience in the process of research and development, design, production, and sales of insulated plastic containers. Refrigeration of food is a big question. If you don't pay special attention during the operation, it is likely to cause great losses. Next, I will talk to you about the major points of attention for food refrigeration in insulated storage containers, hoping to attract everyone's attention.

Note 1: Don't forget to pre-cool.

When many people refrigerate food, they tend to ignore the important step of pre-cooling. Pre-cooling is a method of pre-cooling food before long-distance transportation or refrigeration. During this process, we are required to quickly reduce the food to be stored to the specified temperature, which is important to protect the quality of the food being transported and prolong its storage life. steps that must not be ignored.

Note 2: Control the refrigeration temperature.

For large-capacity refrigerators, it is difficult to keep the temperature constant at a certain value, because various factors such as refrigeration performance, the volume of the refrigerator, and the temperature difference between inside and outside will make the large-capacity refrigerators difficult to achieve. temperature varies within a certain range. Therefore, in the process of refrigerating food, the temperature should be lower, and the smaller the change, the better.

Note three: grasp the humidity of refrigeration.

In the refrigeration process, in addition to paying attention to the temperature of food refrigeration, the humidity of food refrigeration is also an important factor. If food is stored in a large freezer, the evaporator in the freezer absorbs a lot of heat and will continuously form frost on the food, and then the frost will melt and flow away. Repeatedly, it is easy to cause the humidity in the food freezer to be lower than that of the food. The basic requirement is very unfavorable for the preservation of food. Therefore, it is best to install a spray device or an automatic humidifier in a large food refrigerator to adjust the humidity in the refrigerator.

The above are the three major points of attention for food refrigeration. What have you done in the process of food refrigeration? Which ones have been ignored? Wanma is a professional Seafood Industrial Use Plastic Containers Manufacturer, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.