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Several Important Aspects Of Using Cold Chain Transportation Containers

Cold chain transportation means that in the whole process of transportation, whether it is loading and unloading, changing transportation methods, changing packaging equipment, etc., the transported goods are always kept at the temperature required by the cold chain.

Cold chain transportation is an important part of cold chain logistics. The cost of cold chain transportation is high, and it includes more complex mobile refrigeration technology and incubator manufacturing technology. Cold chain transportation management contains more risks and uncertainties. Let’s talk about a few important aspects of using cold chain transportation containers.

1. Freezing processing: including the cooling and freezing of meat, poultry, fish and eggs, as well as the processing at low temperature; also includes the pre-cooling of fruits and vegetables; low-temperature processing of various frozen foods and dairy products, etc. The cold chain mainly involved in this link is equipped with cooling, freezing and quick freezing devices.

2. Frozen storage: including the cooling storage and freezing storage of food, as well as the controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables and other foods, it is to ensure the low temperature preservation environment of food during storage and processing. This link mainly involves all kinds of cold storage processing rooms, refrigerators, freezers and household refrigerators.

3. Refrigerated transportation: including the low temperature state of the logistics links such as medium and long-distance transportation and short-distance distribution of food. It mainly involves low-temperature transportation tools such as railway refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated ships, and refrigerated containers. In the process of refrigerated transportation, temperature fluctuation is one of the main reasons for the decline of food quality. Therefore, the transportation tool must have good performance, and maintain a stable temperature while maintaining the specified temperature, especially for long-distance transportation.

4. Frozen sales: including the frozen storage and sales of various cold chain foods entering the wholesale and retail links, which are jointly completed by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Recently, with the rapid development of various supermarket chains in large, medium and small cities across the country, various supermarket chains are becoming the main sales channels for cold chain food. An indispensable and important link in the food cold chain.

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