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New Thermal Insulated Seafood Containers Is Safe And Reliable

Fresh cold chain logistics and transportation play an increasingly important role in our lives. Self-driving travel to pack food, transport red wine, keep cold drinks warm, etc., fresh-keeping incubators have provided convenience for our lives.

Which fresh cold chain incubator should I choose? The material sandwiched in the middle of the new insulated seafood container looks like foam. But it is completely different from the white foam we usually use.

The polystyrene in ordinary foam is made of No. 6 plastic, with a heat-resistant temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius. During the foaming process, there are isocyanate residues that are harmful to the human body. It has been classified by the World Health Organization as a first-class carcinogen. A large number of exposures may lead to diseases such as blood cancer and lymphoma cancer. Moreover, polystyrene products cannot enter the biogeochemical cycle through decomposition and photodecomposition. When polystyrene waste enters the ocean, it will pollute the sea water and endanger marine life. Marine creatures eat polystyrene waste and return it to people's tables, endangering people's health.

The new fresh cold chain insulation box products are made of polyurethane and extruded foam insulation materials, which are safer and more reliable.

The new fresh incubator is made of a kind of polyurethane, extruded foam insulation material with excellent effect, and the fresh incubator made of them has better thermal insulation performance; plus the inner and outer panels made of ABS, PP or PE, etc., and a reasonable design of the superposition method, after a special process composite processing can form a basic box-shaped fresh incubator. In use, if an ice pack is added to the incubator, the incubator can be used for a certain period of time to keep warm and fresh, especially suitable for fresh-keeping and low-temperature transportation.

Polyurethane and extruded foam insulation materials have strong toughness and can be used repeatedly. After our test, the box of the new fresh incubator can be used repeatedly for more than one time, which greatly reduces the cost of single-use, which is beyond the reach of ordinary foam boxes anyway. Plus polyurethane, extruded foam insulation material is a substantial non-bridged foam molding. It is a resource-saving, reusable and degradable. However, ordinary expanded polystyrene (EPS) can only be landfilled and not degraded after being discarded, which is a very unenvironmental material.

The new fresh cold chain incubator with quality assurance is not only safe and healthy but also provides a perfect solution for the transportation of cold chain logistics. In cold chain transportation, the insulation of products is usually solved by refrigerated trucks, resulting in high logistics costs. The use of new fresh cold chain incubators can perfectly solve this problem. Any ordinary vehicle can be transported, and the delivery is complete within a few hours. It does not need any other thermal insulation measures, plus the design is rigorous, foldable, easy to carry, and truly reduces logistics costs.

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