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Live Fish Transportation Containers Guaranteed Survival Factors

Live Fish Transportation Containers Guaranteed Live Fish Shipping Survival Factors

1: The factors affecting the survival rate of adult fish mainly include fish body constitution, loading density, water temperature, water quality, PH value, dissolved oxygen, water environment, monitoring measures, stress, etc. Among them, are water temperature, water quality, dissolved oxygen, and loading density The most important is the key node that affects the survival rate, and these factors do not exist in isolation, but comprehensive factors that affect each other. With the increase in water temperature, the metabolic activity of fish increases, the number of exercises increases, the oxygen consumption rate increases, and the dissolved oxygen saturation decreases. At higher temperatures, the activity of warm-water fish is enhanced, especially the irritable fish, which jump easily and are easily bruised; after the surface of the fish is injured, osmotic adjustment is difficult, which is likely to cause tissue water absorption and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in The water quality declines; in addition, the rapid decomposition of organic matter in the water at high temperature is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms and increases the consumption of dissolved oxygen. Therefore, transporting at an appropriate low temperatures can increase the fish-carrying density and improve the transport efficiency and survival rate.

2: Keep-alive technology during transportation Keep-alive technology is mainly to control the key influencing factors through technology, so as to reduce the mortality of live fish during transportation as much as possible. Live fish preservation technologies mainly include water temperature control technology, water quality control technology, dissolved oxygen control technology, and transportation monitoring technology. Refrigeration devices can be used on live fish carts to meet the requirements of cooling, so as to reduce the activity of aquatic products during transportation, weaken metabolism, reduce fish damage caused by mutual collision and bite, and ensure the living quality of aquatic products; The water quality control technology can add a filter device in the circulating water circuit to remove the suspended matter in the water, or use an ultraviolet or ozone sterilization device to inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, and greatly reduce the number of harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water body. Avoid the deterioration of water quality; regarding the dissolved oxygen control technology, the required oxygenation equipment can be selected according to the actual situation during transportation.

At present, there are four main types of oxygenation equipment: water spray type, bubble type, jet type, and suction type. Since there is no supporting power equipment on the short-distance live fish transport vehicle, it can carry oxygen cylinders to oxygenate the water. Conditional transport vehicles (ships) can be equipped with high-pressure liquid oxygen tanks to supplement pure oxygen in the water with liquid oxygen, which not only has a high dissolved oxygen value but also plays a role in lowering the water temperature. Regarding transport monitoring technology, currently domestic live fish is rare in transportation equipment. Generally, people's feelings and experiences are used to determine the water temperature, water quality, and dissolved oxygen during transportation.

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