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Insulated Storage Containers Can Be Used In Different Fields

More than 200 million containers of durable and non-durable goods are shipped around the world each year. Not all products are resistant to external conditions on long journeys. Sensitive commodities, such as food, require specialized containers to keep them from rotting or spoiling. Insulated storage containers provide the conditions and protection needed to transport these products without disrupting the cold chain.

What is an insulated container?

Standard containers cannot meet the requirements of the cold chain during transportation. Something important for temperature sensitive products. Non-durable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals or chemicals require a stable environment to prevent them from spoiling or rotting. Different commodities require different conditions to guarantee their quality. Therefore, they cannot be stored in the same container. The container environment must be adapted to temperature, humidity and external conditions.

Non-operating reefer containers, also known as insulated shipping containers, are used for this purpose.

The thin metal walls of standard drying containers are exposed to the outside climate. It cannot maintain a constant internal temperature. On the other hand, insulated containers prevent damage due to temperature fluctuations during transport. They also minimize condensation caused by rain or moisture found inside the container.

Insulated shipping containers typically have double walls. This is evacuated to prevent heat and cold transfer between inside and outside. The interior is completely sealed to avoid condensation and moisture. However, there are different types of insulated containers depending on the type of cargo being transported in the container.

Why do you need an insulated container?

Insulated containers are used in different fields when transporting sensitive non-durable goods. The most important task is to ensure that the cold chain does not break. Insulated containers can be used for:

1. Ship fresh produce and keep it fresh
2. Transportation of medicines and medicines
3. Blocks the development of microorganisms
4. Ensure long-term storage (long-term storage)
5. Short-distance transportation of goods requiring low temperature
6. Transporting goods without available power
7. Ensure standard temperature when refrigeration is not required
8. Prevent sudden temperature changes

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