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How Many Years Can Plastic Containers Be Used At Sea?

How many years can plastic containers be used at sea?

Plastic floating bodies are extremely corrosion-resistant and do not need to be maintained every year. Unlike steel navigation aids, they do not need to be repaired with rust. In addition, the equipped solar light can last up to 15 days (continuous rainy weather), so the traditional steel buoy has been replaced in a very short time, and the frequency of use has risen sharply in all major navigation bureaus. The material used is pure imported "polyethylene", and the addition of "graphene" has also improved the impact resistance.

What is the best way to transport seafood?

1.     Containers for transportation

Containers required for living body transportation can be made of wood, glass fiber, plastic and other materials, and their shape and transportation method, transportation type and regional conditions vary. For example, the equipment for transporting freshwater fish fry and fish seeds includes a fish basket, canvas bucket, wooden bucket, basket, bamboo basket, pineapple, plastic bucket and plastic bag. If you want to achieve a high survival rate for mass transportation, you can use live water boats for transportation.

2.     Oxygen supply equipment

(1) Compressed oxygen cylinder

It is used for transportation in small quantities. A pressure regulating valve is installed at the mouth of the oxygen bottle to control the flow. The plastic pipe is used to enter the bottom of the container, and the gas stone is installed at the end, so that the amount of bubbles is large and small, and the area of dissolved oxygen in the water is increased to achieve the purpose of oxygen enrichment.

(2) Aerator

Water jet aerator, which generally uses aerated aerator, can also be used as steel comb aerator and jet aerator and has the functions of aerating, water stirring, and aeration. Pay attention to safety when installing the aerator, and set a safety isolation net around the aerator.

(3) Aerator

A plastic hose is set at the bottom of the transport tank to connect with the aerator. Through the plastic hose, bubbles are discharged in the storage and maintenance water body to make the water body flow and generate gas exchange to increase dissolved oxygen. At present, the TFDW single-phase brushless AC synchronous generator set is used as the power supply on ships or cars, or the electromagnetic air compressor is used for oxygen enrichment.

3.     Other main auxiliary supplies

There are pressure gauges, large funnel, wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, foam boxes, rubber tubes, cotton yarn, rubber rings, etc.

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