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How Long Can Foam Insulated Seafood Containers Keep Fresh?

How long can foam insulated seafood containers keep fresh?

Generally, 24 hours is possible. However, if the foam box is stored at room temperature, it is basically impossible for 3 days. The storage temperature of chilled food is 0-2 degrees Celsius, and the insulation effect of the foam box is not very good, far from reaching the temperature control within 3 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature exceeds 4 degrees Celsius, the preservation time of seafood will be shortened rapidly. So if enough crushed ice or frozen ice gel is put inside, it can barely maintain the professional fresh-keeping temperature within 24 hours. If you want to store it for a longer time, the foam box itself needs to be put into cold storage. A more professional suggestion is to use special seafood insulated plastic accessories, which can prolong the preservation time of seafood.

The thickness of the foam box, the number of ice cubes inside, and the sealing of the box all affect the refrigeration time. If you choose thicker foam, put more ice, and wrap some heat-insulating materials outside, you should be able to extend the refrigeration time appropriately. If conditions permit, you can buy some special materials in the freezer bags in the refrigerator, which can absorb more heat and have a better refrigeration effect.

First, put a layer of plastic bags in the foam box, then add ice cubes into the foam box and spread a layer of ice on the bottom, then put the seafood in, then spread a layer of ice on the foam box, seal it and pack it, if there is an ice store Place it directly into the freezer. If it is a refrigerator at home, it is recommended that you put it into the freezer directly. Do not put it in a fresh-keeping cabinet, otherwise, it will easily stink and affect the taste. According to this procedure, under normal circumstances, it can be stored for one year. If you don’t put ice cubes and directly pack them in a foam box for quick freezing, they can only be stored for half a year normally, and the taste of seafood will be seriously affected. Seafood is different from other meats on land. The freshness of the seafood is difficult to maintain and it is very easy to decline because seafood will easily deteriorate and spoil if it is not stored properly. Therefore, no matter when seafood is salvaged or transported, we must pay great attention to maintaining the freshness of the seafood.

The foam box is also called the fresh-keeping foam box because the foam box is easier to keep the temperature unchanged so as to protect the freshness of the products in the foam box. If ice is added to the foam box, the fresh-keeping effect of the foam box will be more obvious, and the seafood has moisture. , and the foam box can keep the moisture of seafood very well, and it is very convenient to transport in the foam box.

A professional fresh food e-commerce company said: If the outside temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius, and enough crushed ice is placed in the foam box, the seafood can be stored in the foam box for 1-3 days. Seafood e-commerce companies usually tell buyers that the seafood is stored in a foam box It can be preserved for 1-3 days by putting ice in it, but it does not mean high-quality preservation. It can only ensure that seafood is edible, not delicious.

If you want a better fresh-keeping effect of the fresh foam box, it is recommended to choose a foam box with a thicker side wall or a professional insulated seafood container, because the foam box with a thicker wall has a higher density, and the heat preservation and cold preservation effect will be better. At the same time, when using ice cubes, it is recommended to use bagged ice packs or use mineral water to freeze water into ice and then put it in a foam box, so as to prevent the ice cubes from melting into the water to soak seafood and affect the quality of seafood. If you choose express delivery, it is recommended to choose air freight. However, it is worth mentioning that if it is checked baggage, the airline stipulates that seafood can be checked but it is forbidden to put ice cubes in the foam box to prevent the ice cubes from melting and contaminating other baggage.

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