The great advantage of the latest cold chain incubator

Nine functions
1. real-time monitoring
GPRS transmission, continuous acquisition and recording, monitoring the temperature of the incubator and other parameters, real-time display and record in the form of figures, graphics, tables and other forms;
2. external display
The incubator is equipped with LCD screen, with alarm channel, prompt, GSM signal strength prompt, power prompt, recording capacity prompt, GPRS upload switch prompt, clock display and various state prompt;
3. data logging
In addition to the data upload function, it also has a data logger function that allows you to download historical data directly through the incubator;
4. statistical analysis
Real time display or history shows the change of the parameter curves in the environment under test, the list of parameters, the maximum, minimum and average values of each parameter;
5. data export
The software can print the temperature change curve or the form and the work report of each time point according to the requirement, and output the reports in different formats, such as WORD, EXCEL, TXT and so on;
6. storage backup
All the data can be stored in the incubator and stored on the computer. It can be automatically saved, backed up and archived at regular intervals;
7. alarm function
With SMS alarm, buzzer alarm, sound and light alarm, etc., and through the button for the alarm switch and alarm upper and lower settings;
8. data complement
When the heat box is unable to upload data temporarily due to the signal problem, the data will be automatically stored in the cache; when the signal is restored, the data will be automatically fed to the server;
9. SMS settings
Send inquiry SMS to the heat box for real-time inquiry of temperature, or send SMS to set up the upper and lower limits of alarm;

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Post time: Apr-04-2018
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