multi function cooler

I. Product Introduction

The refrigerated sampling sampling box provides the cold source by using the unique cold-storage phase change cold storage material of Youyou Company. No plugging in is needed to ensure that all types of samples and biological products are kept at 2 to 8°C, -12 to -18°C, -30 to -55°C. Temperature control requirements for multiple zones, temperature control can reach 8 to 120 hours.
The refrigerated sampling sampling box produced by our company fully complies with the standards of the World Health Organization. It has good heat preservation, non-toxicity, lightness, durability, safety and reliability. It is suitable for the transportation and collection of vaccines, biochemical reagents, blood and various samples. Low temperature refrigeration.
Second, product characteristics
1, accurate long-term temperature control, high-tech temperature display technology
The refrigerated sampling sampling box produced by our company uses our company’s proprietary phase change coolant technology, which can accurately control the temperature of refrigeration, and can maintain the inside of the box for a longer period of time (eg, 2 to 8°C). -12 to -18°C, -30 to -55°C, etc.) The duration can reach 8 to 120 hours. Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sample. In addition to the thermometer display temperature, an optional temperature change color ice box can also be provided. The color of the ice box cover is automatically displayed as blue when it is lower than 7°C, and it is automatically displayed as white when it is higher than 7°C. In this way, you can more intuitively understand the temperature inside the box and use it with more confidence.
2, simple and convenient operation
The cooling module adopts the unique ice-cooling cryogenic coolant technology of Youku Company. Unlike dry ice, it can only be purchased from a large-scale city. As long as there is a low-temperature refrigerator, you can use the super-cooled dry ice cryogenic ice pack, which is for remote areas. The field sampling in cryogenic transport and research institutes is a revolutionary change.
3, not subject to aviation restrictions, can be carried on a plane train
Different from dry ice and liquid nitrogen refrigeration, the dry ice type low temperature cold storage technology unique to the excellent cold and low temperature sampling box product does not generate gas in the cooling process, so it is not restricted by aviation and can be carried on a plane train, which is more safe and convenient.
4, refrigeration module can be used repeatedly, accurate cooling control temperature
Unlike dry ice, such as one-time use, the use of huge costs, which for some low-temperature goods repeatedly transported back and forth, will undoubtedly greatly reduce the cost of use.

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