The “2018 China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Development White Paper” was formally released. On April 26th, Chengdu Cold Chain Logistics was held at the “2018 Belt and Road One International Cold Chain Logistics International Summit Forum and the Fifth International Conference on Innovation and Supply Chain Management.” The “2018 China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Development White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) was officially released by the Chamber of Commerce jointly with the Western Cold Chain Logistics and other institutions.
The report shows that the development of the cold-chain logistics industry is just a matter of time, and as people’s awareness of food safety grows, cold-chain logistics development continues to demand a high-quality direction.
According to the Secretary-General of the Chengdu Cold Chain Logistics Chamber of Commerce, the purpose of organizing and writing “2018 China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Development White Paper” aims at sorting out the status quo and development trends of cold chain logistics for the industry, and formulating policies for the government to promote the development of the cold chain logistics industry. Give suggestion. At the same time, the scientific issues and technical challenges faced in the study of cold chain logistics are discussed to provide reference guidelines for research institutions and researchers.
This book includes 5 chapters content: The first chapter introduces the cold chain logistics background and dynamics; The second chapter elaborates the industry application status and development trend of the cold chain logistics typical application; The third chapter elaborates the development status of the cold chain logistics technical system; The chapter discusses the cold chain logistics industry chain and the ecological environment; Chapter 5 analyzes the development trend of cold chain logistics and makes relevant recommendations.
We have reason to believe that the “2018 China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Development White Paper” will bring guiding significance to the cold chain industry, allowing the majority of cold chain practitioners to learn from the guidance, understand the advantages and disadvantages of China’s cold chain status, and develop the cold chain in China. Contribute.

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Post time: May-10-2018
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