Wanma AF-380L insulated plastic container is one of our most popular small-sized containers.

It is ideally suited for handling of fresh fish on board fishing vessels and during processing for species like cod, salmon and other white fish .The container is double walled with a solid PUR core and a high insulation factor .AF-380L container can be accessed from two sides for pallet jacks and all four with fork lift .



Good insulation factor

Long lasting

Easy to handle and clean

Different color option


The insulation plastic containers are seamless rotomoulded double-walled containers ..PUR refers to the polyurethane insulation injected into the walls of the tubs, ensuring a very high insulation factor. The primary benefit of PUR containers is temperature retention and control. For over 14 years, Wanma has developed a unique technique that ensures effective adhesion between the polyethylene walls and the polyurethane for long lasting structure.


Wanma storage tubs are used in many industries that require temperature control of frozen, fresh and processed food. We offer a cold chain supply solution that is safe ,efficient and hygienic. All Wanma containers are produced from food-grade raw materials and comply with stringent food safety standards.


Wanma insulated fish and meat tub is the safe choice for your products, your employees and your customers.


Good thermal properties ensure steady product temperature

The use of PUR lids with the containers further improves temperature retention

The one-piece seamless design and smooth walls improves hygiene control

Double-walled Wanma containers are strong and durable


Post time: May-05-2022